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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Scooter Libby will never spend a day in prison

Here's a simple scenario:
Libby's attorneys wait until the last possible moment to request a new trial, which will be denied. Then they wait until the last possible moment to appeal, while Libby remains free pending his appeal. Every possible obstructionist and delaying tactic is dragged out by Libby's attorneys, making a normally long appellate process even longer. Then comes January 19, 2009, or so, and Scooter gets his pardon.
Then he gets a radio talk show, like fellow right-wing convicts Gordon Liddy and Oliver North. As if the whole shameful episode never happened.
What is Bush's motivation for pardoning Libby?
Cheney was not subpoenaed to testify. Libby never testified about what Cheney knew and when he knew it. After Libby's attorneys assured the judge and the prosecution that Libby and Cheney would testify, they never did, even though such testimony might have secured Libby's acquittal. Observers called it a grievous tactical mistake, from a defense team known for not making mistakes.
Could it be that the White House promised Libby that his silence would buy him a clean slate? Do you doubt that such a thing is likely?
Remember that Bush's father granted a blanket pardon to his confreres involved in the Iran-Contra scandal, rendering moot the independent-counsel investigation by Lawrence Walsh that had already convicted John Poindexter and North, and indicted Caspar Weinberger. It was a very merry Christmas.
As if that weren't unseemly enough, Bush the Lesser, in the early days of his presidency, issued an executive order that would prevent the impending release of President Reagan's records, which might have held further evidence of wrongdoing by Iran-Contra co-conspirators who were then working, or would work, in Bush II's White House (Poindexter, Elliot Abrams, John Negroponte, and current CIA Director Robert Gates among them).
The Bush people are known for shameless acts to protect their interests. To call them a den of thieves is to slander thieves everywhere. In their world of corruption, pardoning Scooter Libby would barely merit notice.


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