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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

why i love barbara boxer

there are so many really good reasons to envy california. one example: it's january 18th, and the temperature was 73 degrees today.

here's another: sen. barbara boxer (d-ca).

in the biggest public smack down since jon stewart called tucker carlson a "dick" on "crossfire" (a slander on dicks everywhere, really), the honorable senator from my beloved golden state called condoleezza rice a liar in the national security advisor's senate confirmation hearing.


you heard that. a liar. doctor rice, you're an f'ing liar. doctor rice, you misled the american people. doctor rice, you got a lot of people killed. doctor rice, you're evil.

i added the last part, but the rest of it was pretty much between the lines.

boxer: "you sent (american troops to iraq) because of weapons of mass destruction; later the mission changed when there were none. i have your quotes on it, i have the president's quotes on it, and everybody admits it but you."

rice (lying): "
it was the total picture, senator, not just weapons of mass destruction, that caused us to decide that post-september 11 it was finally time to deal with saddam hussein."

boxer (in full pimp-hand mode): "well you should read what we voted on when we voted to support the war; it was w.m.d., period."

boxer went on to point out several points where rice contradicted herself and others in the administration, up to and including the president. rice got a little snippy.

"senator, we can have this discussion in any way that you would like, but i really hope that you will refrain from impugning my integrity," she said (apparently unaware that senator boxer had just clearly demonstrated that rice lacked any).

"i'm not," the senator replied. "i'm just quoting what you said."

rice used a typical rightwing tactic when faced with inconvenient facts: claim you're being attacked and muster as much faux iundignation as you can. oliver north did it when he was confronted with his misdeeds in iran-contra. robert bork did it when he was confronted with his atavistic judical and scholarly record. clarence thomas did it, using the notorious "high tech lynching" line when he was confronted with anita hill, whom history has proven was neither nutty nor slutty.

but the senator don't take that b.s. rice was on the hotseat, and the senator made the ice skater squirm.

this was not her first deployment on the truth patrol. earlier this month, she was the lone senator to vote to challenge ohio's electoral votes, citing the "irregularities" that covered the map, but with extreme concentration in poor, black, and democratic areas.

she's got the clout to do it. she was just sworn in for her third term, after beating the paste out of an empty-suit challenger 8 out of 10 republicans in california couldn't spot in a line up. and unlike her democrat-in-name-only colleague, dianne feinstein (d-ca), who introduced the former stanford provost and called her a "remarkable woman," boxer is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal/progressive, and she brooks no quarry. she doesn't have to.

i am encouraged that there are politicians like barbara boxer. i am encouraged that there are some who will put the smack down when it needs to be done. i am proud that i voted for this one. i'm proud that california leads the nation, apparently, in senators with balls.

we've got one. and she's a bad ass.


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